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What are you really looking for in a CrossFit gym? If it’s a community of supportive people who want to see you reach your goals, Clear Lake CrossFit is for you. Our members range from stay at home parents to first responders, teachers to engineers, and everyone in between.

Because we’re small, your coaches get to know you: what you can do now, and what you’re capable of doing in the future. Each workout can be tailored to you. Whether your goal is to stay fit for a physically demanding career, keep up with your grandkids, or lose a few pounds, we can help.

Say goodbye to the anonymity and confusion of commercial gyms. Start on the path to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. All you have to do is show up.

At Clear Lake CrossFit, you’ll get better at life.

This has got to be, hands down, the best box around. The members encourage each other, have fun while working out, and Coach Holly is the glue that holds it all together. She is a stickler for form and makes sure you do the movements correctly, explaining “why” along the way. Holly also helps you SCALE APPROPRIATELY for the WOD. She also challenges you to “get gooder” with each workout. Whether it’s about the workout or proper nutrition, Coach Holly answers your questions and makes sure your doing YOUR best, not someone’s else’s.

Kathy P.


LOVE CLCF. This morning, after my WOD, my heart just felt happy. As I looked around, I just noticed a “family” made up of people who come together to improve themselves and who are generally happy to be there. I have noticed this in the past, but there was something unique about this morning. I just noticed all of the newbies, the veterans, the moms, the kids, the grandparents, the husbands and wives, etc., all encouraging each other, regardless of anyone’s person ability. …I have no idea if other CrossFit boxes have the same vibe, and I have no desire to find out because CLCF is home!

Holly G.


If you are serious about getting and staying healthy, you should seriously consider CLCF. I have been a member here since 2010, and I can’t imagine a better environment to achieve your healthiest you. Holly and the coaching staff are amazing. The weekly programming is very well thought out.  Workouts are different every day and typically target different muscle groups.

Eric M.