**FYI…..If you are completing 19.1 on Saturday morning, February 23, please arrive NO LATER than 8 am. There will NOT be any heat assignments allowed after 8 am.

Also, we will be having our Thursday night throwdowns again this year! See our Facebook page for more details!

Ok….now let’s talk about 19.1

Here’s my QUICK and SIMPLE thoughts about 19.1 (and the Open in general)

  1. Leave your negative attitude at the door! What do you expect to accomplish if you walk in with an “I can’t do this attitude”? It’s work people…same kind of stuff you’ve been doing for months, even years! If you don’t want to do extra burpees…then you had better show up with a positive attitude and a desire to work. Leave all that other junk at home (or in the garbage where it belongs!)
  2. Keep moving and don’t sacrifice your form/technique for reps (I hate to break it to ya….but you’re not going to the Games unless you buy a ticket!)
  3. Speaking of form/technique…know the standards for each movement and perform the movements correctly. I will be going over the standards for 19.1 at 8 am SHARP. If you are not there for it, I will assume you know the standards. So don’t get your feelings hurt if you get no rep’d…you will EARN your score!
  4. EVERYONE participating is expected to judge/help on Saturday morning.
  5. CHEER for your community…and your Team! Wait??….did you even know you’re on a Team 😀 Yes! We’ve got some great teams (see below for team assignments!)
  6. And finally…..Work HARD and most importantly Have FUN!
    Just remember 19.1 is a workout. It’s not complicated, it’s just work. Do your best, work hard and HAVE FUN! Did I say that already?

See everyone bright and early next Saturday morning!