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our story

We exist to help people get fit, have fun, and live happily. We cut through the social media “magic pill” noise to provide clarity on health and fitness, showing our clients the value of making sustainable lifestyle changes. The truth that we bring them is that they don’t have to spend hours in the gym or starve themselves to reach their goals. Fitness is fun, and through our methods, we help our clients regain confidence, feel better, look better, live longer, and ultimately live happy, fulfilling lives.

We help our clients make changes with a simple equation: Persistent Accountability + Consistent Action = Big Results. We hold members accountable for their own results: showing up for training sessions and nutrition coaching sessions and participating in 90-day goal reviews, events, and challenges. A member’s absence never goes unnoticed; we reach out to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks and keep them working toward their goals. Our members appreciate this level of accountability, and as a result, they push themselves to give every session their best. They understand that they are working for themselves – not their coaches – toward their own goals and their own happiness. Our coaches – and our entire team – give them the motivation they need to get the results they desire.’

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