Can You Do CrossFit if You’re Overweight?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, “Can I do CrossFit if I’m overweight or out of shape?” The short answer is yes – and here’s why.

CrossFit isn’t just for fit people, and you don’t need to be thin or strong to start. Step into a CrossFit gym (or “box”), and you’ll see members in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some may have come in as former college athletes, but a lot of others joined their box because they wanted to lose weight and get healthier.

CrossFit Is for Everyone

One reason why some people start CrossFit is because of the constantly varied workouts. No two days are the same; one day, you could be doing box jumps and deadlifts, and the next, you’re rowing and doing pushups. You’re training your body to do all sorts of movements, not just the standard cardio and lifting in a mass-market gym.

The best thing about every CrossFit workout is that you can adapt it to your skills and abilities. Everyone in the room, however, is getting the same workout. You’re warming up with the coach, practicing the proper movements, and then getting the same stimulus regardless of how you scale. For example, a workout with 24-inch box jumps can be scaled to step-ups on a shorter box or even a weight bumper plate for someone new to CrossFit. 

It’s a Supportive Community

When you step into a CrossFit gym, you’ll notice that a lot of people will come up and introduce themselves. There’s a reason for that: everyone is there to be healthier and fitter, and we all want to support you as you work toward your goals. We’ve all been the new person at the gym. You’ll find more people cheering for you as you finish the workout than you thought.

And because CrossFit is done in a small group setting, you get to know other members at the gym and your coaches – and they get to know you. When you go through on-ramp, your coach will teach you how to move correctly, so you’re less likely to get injured, and he or she will also learn more about your goals and abilities. Once you start in class, your coach will be able to tell you the best way to scale a workout so that you get the intended benefit from it, like cardio or strength.

And amazing things can happen once you start CrossFit. Not only can you lose weight, but you’ll also start doing things you didn’t think you could do: run half a mile, do a pull-up. You’ll feel healthier and stronger and have more energy. And you’ll have a group of people who will be rooting for you, inside and outside the gym.

So, can you do CrossFit if you’re overweight? Yes. Absolutely – in fact, you can start right now.Ready to make that change? Sign up for your free intro today!

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