WEEK 1 of the 2019 CrossFit Open is HERE!!!

I hope everyone is excited to put their fitness to the test!!! Reminder….more than anything else remember that you are competing against yourself!!!  Are you more fit than you were last year, last month, last week????

The workouts for the Open will be released every Thursday night at 7pm for the next 5 weeks.

Athletes signed up for the Open will have 3 opportunities to complete the Wod

  1. Thursday Night Throwdowns 7pm – join us for the announcement on Thursday night at 7PM and then stay after to complete the Open Wod…it’s a lot of fun and a little crazy!
  2. Saturday mornings – 8am. This is the BIG day each week for the Open! Gym doors will be open by 7am. We will go over the standards and review the workout at 8am. Heats will begin at 8:15am. There will be a sign up sheet every week for athletes to sign up for a heat.  NOTE:  do NOT show up and try to “Jump in” the next heat.  EVERYONE must sign up for a heat and wait their turn (if you have a busy day, arrive early and get in an early heat!).  Athletes are expected to not only compete, but also judge and CHEER during the Open.  This is a community event and everyone is expected to contribute to make each Saturday a success!! I do understand that people have obligations and may not be able to stay for every heat….all I’m asking is that you give the men and women in your CrossFit community a few minutes of your time….because ultimately they are giving you a few minutes of their time!
  3. Sunday Open Gym – 3pm. If you are unable to attend the Thursday night throwdown or the Saturday morning Open workouts, you can complete it during Open Gym on Sunday afternoons.


It is the athletes responsibility to submit their scores each week by Monday evening at 7pm.  Your scores only count if you submit them…so don’t forget! We also have a little inhouse team competition going….so don’t let your teammates down by not submitting your score!!!


Saturday March 23 – CLCF Community Celebration


EVERYONE is invited to join us for the 19.5 Community Celebration and DIAPER BASH (y’all know we can’t gather without bringing a pack of diapers these days…we have lots of baby box butts to cover!! ;D

The celebration will be going on all morning long as we complete 19.5

Bring diapers/wipes, your favorite beverages, favorite foods to share and your best cheering voice!

We will also be inviting CLCF KIDS class to KICK OFF 19.5…..so don’t miss your chance to cheer for our CrossFit kids!!! They are AMAZING!!!

That’s all I have this evening! So excited to watch everyone have fun and put their fitness to the test!!!