How to Get Started Working Out

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Whether COVID-19 threw off your workout routine or you haven’t exercised since high school gym class, starting again can be a little intimidating. For those that join a big box gym, it’s easy to get lost and stop going. Over one-third of people give up on their gym memberships within a month. Some think they know how to get started working out – but then the variety of machines and general confusion about what to do mean they rarely go or don’t go at all.

That’s understandable. When there isn’t someone holding you accountable, it’s comfortable to sleep in and skip a workout or three. If you’re doing the same routine every day, it quickly gets boring, which tanks motivation. And if you’re entirely new to working out, you might not know how to move correctly, so you’re more likely to get injured. So how do you get started working out? Here are some tips, whether you’re brand-new or just getting back into it.

Know Your “Why”

One of the most important motivations you’ll have is your “why.” Know why you’re starting to work out: is it to lose weight, be able to lift bags of garden mulch, or keep up with your kids? Everyone has their reasons, so figure out what will keep you coming to the gym on days when you’d rather stay in bed or go straight home after work.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Fitness is a journey, and we’re all at different points in ours. If you’re completely new to working out, you’ll be starting from scratch and learning how to move correctly. If you’re coming back to the gym after a long break, you may not have the strength that you once had. Accept that you’re starting from a place that may be humbling, and focus on what you can do and what you’re capable of doing.

Learn How to Move Properly

Not knowing how to perform moves the right way can lead to injuries. For example, if your knees are caving in when you’re squatting, you could end up hurting your meniscus or developing problems with your hips. If you’re not sure that you’re doing something correctly, consider working with a personal trainer who can show you correct movement patterns and help design a program that works for you.

Find a Welcoming Environment

When you’re getting started with workouts after a break or the first time, the gym can be intimidating. Everyone already seems to be in their zones, doing their exercises, chatting with their gym buddies. Finding a place where you feel welcome can help you stick to your new routine. Which leads into…

Get Someone to Keep You Accountable

Sometimes people give up on working out because they don’t have anyone holding them accountable. They miss a class or a gym session, and no one notices. But when you have someone who will shoot you a text or ask you where you were, you’re more likely to show up. That could be a coach or a fellow gym member – and if you’re working out somewhere with a welcoming environment, your fellow members will take notice because they’re genuinely worried about you. You might hear, “Did you hurt yourself? Are you feeling all right after yesterday’s workout? You would have really liked today; we did your favorite movement!”

Bottom line: it’s hard to get started working out. But if you’re looking for a place that can help you reach your goals, where coaches and members care about you and want to see you succeed, join us at Clear Lake CrossFit. Book a free intro today.

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