Should I Get a Personal Trainer or Gym Membership?

A lot of people start working out with the best of intentions. Maybe you’ve tried home workouts but just dropped off. At first, you exercised regularly, but then real life started getting in the way: the laundry that needed to be folded, the leaky faucet that you could hear when you were doing push-ups in your living room. At that point, you asked yourself, “Should I get a personal trainer or a gym membership?”

If you’re struggling with motivation, the answer is yes. What you choose depends on several factors. For this post, we’re defining “gym membership” as membership to group classes at Clear Lake CrossFit. Here’s how to decide.

You Should Get a Personal Trainer If…

You’re entirely new to working out. Suppose you haven’t exercised since high school gym class (or haven’t done much more than cardio and bodyweight training). In that case, you’ll want to have someone teach you how to move properly, so you’re less likely to get injured. A personal trainer will give you one-on-one attention and teach you the finer points of the most common movements.

You have specific goals that you’re not sure how to reach. For example, let’s say you want to get stronger. While you’ll gain some strength during group workouts, if you want to really accelerate your progress, you’ll want a personal trainer to show you movements you can do to build on what you’re doing in group classes.

You want personalized attention and training. Some people would prefer to work on their goals with someone one-on-one and have their full attention. Working with a personal trainer gives you that experience and provides you with tailored workouts. We see clients with a personal trainer reach their goals much faster.

You Should Get a Group Class Membership If…

You like working out in a small group setting. If you enjoy being motivated by other people – and enjoy motivating them! – a group membership is right for you. Classes are capped at 12 people, so it’s a small group, but a supportive group. Other members will cheer for you as you hit PRs and crush workouts, and you’ll form friendships.

You don’t like doing the same exercises over and over. Variety is the spice of life – and in your workouts, it constantly challenges your muscles. You won’t get bored, and your body will continuously be adapting to new stimuli – making it that much less likely that you’ll hit a plateau.

You still want coaching. While you won’t get as much one-on-one time as you would with personal training, small group CrossFit classes still give your coach opportunities to help you with movements. During warm-ups and the workout, your coach will provide you with cues so you can, for example, finish burpees faster or lift a barbell more efficiently.

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