Name: Andy Seelbach
Age: 26
Occupation: Outside Sales
Important Stats:
Deadlift Max: 385
Back-squat Max: 295
Got Muscle-ups? Sure do!
1 mile run: 6:00
Favorite WOD: Tommy V.
Favorite Lift: Snatch

How long have you been
CrossFitting? 1 and a half years.

Which class time do you usually attend?
5:15 am

How did you find CrossFit
? After school, I drank lots of beer and sat on my butt until I put on a few lbs. Eventually, I joined a soccer team and quickly realized the running was kicking my butt. A group of us decided to try out P90X. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand Tony Horton’s jokes or the mindless repetition. All the while, a drinking buddy named Les Jackson (big, loud, tattooed CLCF crossfitter, for those of you who haven’t met him) just kept talking about Crossfit and how much he loved it and how much it had changed his fitness. I finally caved and gave it a shot. I haven’t looked back since.

What is your athletic background?
I’ve played team sports as long as I can remember. I played baseball, football, and soccer as a kid. I stuck with soccer through high school. At college, I was part of every intramural team and athletically based fundraising event I could find. The best of these was intertube water polo!

How has CrossFit
changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? I used to hate mornings. I was a big fan of the snooze button. When I joined CrossFit, the best time for me to go was 6:15 a.m. My wife laughed when I told her that I was going to wake up early to exercise & she was shocked when I stopped hitting the snooze button. The thing was though, I was truly excited to get to the gym and see what the WOD was for the day. Crossfit gives me a great outlet to relieve stress, and up my endorphins. It’s a perfect way to start or finish a workday. I have also made a great group of friends at CLCF and helped to motivate other friends to join CrossFit elsewhere. I never thought I would spend a weekend at a workout competition with a group of friends, but this is part of my life now. As far as fitness goes, I have never been this fast or strong, nor had an engine that could run this long, and I will keep working hard to improve from here.
What is your proudest (CF) achievement? Successfully completing a body-weight snatch. It was a long-term goal that I have since surpassed. But I will never forget the way I felt with that weight overhead. I didn’t want to put it down.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?
Anything outdoors…fishing, floating the river, tailgating for football games. I also love going to concerts for just about any style of music.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Chuy’s Big as yo Face Burrito topped with Jalapeno Ranch, served with a Negro Modelo (or two).

Any advice for new members?
Check out It can only positively affect your performance. I look at it on a regular basis and it makes a huge difference…though I am still far from being a supple leopard.

Have you met Pukie?
yup…twice. Thanks a lot Fran & Oktoberfest!!