Name: Rufus Mitchell

IMG_3205Age: 39

Occupation: Plant Operator

Deadlift Max: 350 lbs

Back-squat Max: 320 lbs

Strict Shoulder Press: 205 lbs

Got Muscle-ups? Hell yes

1 mile run: 9:45

Favorite WOD: (Strict) Fran
Favorite Lift: Strict Press
How long have you been CrossFitting?  2 Years
Which class time do you usually attend?  8am FOREVER
 How did you find CrossFit?  The internet/tv (ESPN)
 What is your athletic background?  I played Basketball/Track in high school.
How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?   Crossfit has changed my life in many ways, but the most important one is my overall confidence. I have a stronger conviction of my physical abilities that has only started in the last year or so. My lifestyle has change in were I invest my time. I workout everyday, and sometimes twice a day. My level of fitness has improved on every level strength, cardio, technic ect. However the greatest improvement has been in my Flexibility. 
What motivates/inspires you?  Turning 40 motivates me. Old man Eric (in the 8am class) motivates me, but most of all being able to stay active with my kids is what motivates me the most.
What is your proudest (CF) achievement?  I have so many from being able to run a mile nonstop, to bar and ring muscle –ups, but the #1 is when I finally got 5 double unders for the first time. That was a good day.
Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit.  Going to Regionals would be cool, but realistically I’ve got a long ways to go. When I turn 50 that will be my gift to myself.
Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?  Scary movies, Playing Pool, I still play basketball from time to time, and I like to BBQ.
What is your favorite cheat meal?  Sweet potato pie (my mother’s recipe)
Any advice for new members?  Only make realistic goals and expectations for yourself. And don’t worry about what the next athlete is doing.
Have you met Pukie?   Hell no!! (I ain’t scared of no Pukie)