Hey guys/gals!  It’s Coach Holly!  Guess what….I’m writing News!  I feel so smart!gina jump.jpg

But Really?  Is this really news?  I’m not sure what it is.  And apparently my bad grammar and redneck writing style will probably be seen by more than just our members now…that’s just great! (insert retarded face here…I don’t think there’s a button on here that’ll make that face..if there is someone teach me.)


GREAT JOB to everyone that completed 19.1!!!  Wall balls and rowing…talk about giving our hobbit friends a good ole kick in the gut!  But you guys/gals put everything you had into completing as many reps as possible and at the end of the day….that’s all that matters!

19.2 is almost here and I’m giving athletes the opportunity to earn some extra points for their team!  So if you felt like you let your team down last week because you’re a little vertically challenged or your coach was screaming at you because she didn’t like your squat (insert Charlie’s name here…oh wait, I inserted it already.  crap)

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO HELP A LITTLE MORE IN WEEK 2!  Below are 6 different ways you can earn points for your team!

  • Check in on Facebook for Thursday night Throw down and attend (staying for at least one heat – 1 POINT
  •  Check in on Facebook for Saturday Morning CrossFit Open WOD and attend (staying for at least 1 heat) – 1 POINT
  • The team that has the most athletes in attendance at 8:00 am on Saturday morning-5 POINTS (no one arriving after 8am will count towards your total attendance…so don’t be late!
  • Tag Clear Lake CrossFit in a post on Social Media – 1 POINT (you can only earn this 1x per week)
    • each team will have an assault bike available Saturday morning (teams are not allowed to ride multiple bikes…one bike per team).  Your team can earn 5 points for every 100 calories accumulated between 7:30-8am.  No partial points for anything less than 100 cal….it’s all or nothing.  Get on there and ride!  Get your teammates on there!  Get your coaches on there! Heck…get your grandma, aunt, uncle (no small kiddos on the bikes Saturday) on there and have them help your team! 😀
  • Attend Sunday afternoon Open GYM to cheer for those athletes who like to wait until the last minute to complete the Open Wod  – 1 POINT

Help your Team come out on top in Week 2!


fine print…don’t text me or reply that my grammar is bad or i missed some kind of punctuation. I know already!  DUH!  ;D